ezekiel art


Sarah Ezekiel was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease) in 2000.  Her use of assistive technology is extensive and she actively raises awareness of MND online. Sarah offers inspiration, support and a positive outlook to thousands of families facing a similar situation. She has been the Secretary of the NW London Branch of the MND Association since 2012 and is on the Board of the charity, Movement for Hope.

Sarah started painting using a Tobii PCEye and Revelation Natural Art software in 2012. She has exhibited all over the UK, including the Royal Academy Schools, and also at the Katara Art Centre in Qatar.

She started the original Eyegazeartists website with Hector Minto, Tobii UK, to sell her work and fund eyegaze technology for those who needed it. At the time there was limited funding available and a long waiting time. 

Please email Sarah using the link below, if you require a commission, a variation of any work here or bulk orders.